2016 Census

Census of Population

The next Census of Population will take place in May 2016.

Starting May 2, 2016, Statistics Canada will send census letters and packages to all Canadian households.

You can complete your census questionnaire online or on paper.

You can also view the 2016 Census questions online.

Census jobs

A variety of management and office positions for the 2016 Census will be available in various locations across Canada. These positions will be posted on www.jobs.gc.ca as they become available.

People wanting to work in the field as door-to-door Enumerators or Crew Leaders can apply online after November 3, 2015. Most field positions will not start until late spring 2016.

Census of Agriculture

The next Census of Agriculture will take place in May 2016.

The Census of Agriculture collects information on every agricultural operation in Canada. Starting May 2, 2016, agricultural operators who intend to sell at least one agricultural product are required to complete a Census of Agriculture questionnaire.

The Census of Agriculture can be completed online or on paper.

National Household Survey

The next National Household Survey (NHS) will take place in May 2016.

Starting May 2, 2016, a sample of 30% of Canadian households will receive a long questionnaire including both census and NHS questions.

Like the Census of Population, you can complete your NHS questionnaire online or on paper.