Recognizing Statistics Canada communications

Census website

A legitimate Statistics Canada website can be identified in several ways. Look for these features:

  • The site URL in the browser address bar should end with “”. This suffix is used by the Government of Canada and operated by Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services.
  • The security certificate is provided by Entrust and clearly identifies Statistics Canada as the owner of the site.

Text messages

Statistics Canada may occasionally send text message reminders to households during its survey operations. For example, the number “236732” was the text message short code used by Statistics Canada to reach respondents during the 2024 Census Test.

Mailing cards

As part of the 2024 Census Test, Statistics Canada sent mailing cards.


If you submitted a question to the census test recruitment team through the chatbot, you may have received an automated confirmation email from

Protecting your privacy

Statistics Canada places the highest priority on protecting the confidentiality of personal and confidential information. For more information on the confidentiality and protection of your personal information, check out Protecting your privacy.