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Message from the Chief Statistician of Canada

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the 2024 Census Test. Your participation will help evaluate new and modified questions in the questionnaire as well as collection procedures and tools in preparation for the 2026 Census.

Your answers are collected under the authority of the Statistics Act and kept strictly confidential. By law, every household selected must complete a 2024 Census of Population Test questionnaire.

If you are a farm operator, it is also important that you complete the 2024 Census of Agriculture Test questionnaire to ensure the information collected is as accurate and complete as possible.

Statistics Canada makes use of existing sources of information, such as immigration, income tax and benefits data, to ensure the least amount of burden is placed on households.

The information that you provide may be used by Statistics Canada for other statistical and research purposes or may be combined with other survey or administrative data sources.

If you have been selected to participate in the 2024 Census Test, please complete your questionnaire today.

Thank you,

André Loranger
Chief Statistician of Canada

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FAQ—Security and privacy

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